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The Week in (Irish) Chess

Essentially all readers are familiar with The Week in Chess. (For those who are not: it’s a weekly report on tournaments worldwide in the previous week, usually with several thousand games; one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern Chess … Continue reading

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Irish championship 2006

Participation in recent Irish championships has ebbed and flowed. In 2007 participation hit an all-time high of 52 players; for 2006, on the other hand, the participation was very much at low ebb, with only 12 taking part. Still, on … Continue reading

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Club championships

Very little detailed information exists on club championships down the years: most of these have been fairly informal tournaments with results not reported anywhere. But there are exceptions: Phibsboro C.C.’s 2010 championship was FIDE-rated, which I think (open to correction … Continue reading

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E. N. Mulcahy

A profile of E. N. Mulcahy has now been added. Today his name is familiar to most players from the long-running E. N. Mulcahy Memorials, set up in the immediate aftermath of his tragic death in the Viscount air disaster. … Continue reading

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Eamon Keogh

There are brief biographical sketches of a few players on the Players page, but up to now these have just had a bare-bones description, a two-line summary of an entire chess career. Much more can (and will) be said, so … Continue reading

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Déjà vu

Blunders: the bane of every chessplayer. There is almost nothing that can cure the sting, except perhaps for Time, the Great Healer, to work its soothing magic. Sometimes a small amount of solace can be derived from seeing the same … Continue reading

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The occasion of today’s clock simul by Veselin Topalov against an Irish team is a good opportunity to recall some of the many simuls given in Ireland down the years by the world’s most distinguished players. A new “Simuls” page … Continue reading

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