Irish championship 2006

Participation in recent Irish championships has ebbed and flowed. In 2007 participation hit an all-time high of 52 players; for 2006, on the other hand, the participation was very much at low ebb, with only 12 taking part.

Still, on the positive side it was a stronger-than-average championship—certainly as measured by average rating—with all the regular contenders present, and in addition a strong challenge from Stephen Jessel, who however fell just short, losing out by ½ point to Stephen Brady. The chess was also interesting, particularly the Short-Daly game from round 2. This must have been annotated somewhere, surely? I don’t have access to the ICJ issue with the report on this tournament.

Anyway, a report has been added to the Tournaments page. 14/52 games, and missing the ICJ report.

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