TWIC 888

This week TWIC has 25 Irish games: 2 each from Sam Collins, Ryan-Rhys Griffiths, and Gavin Wall (4NCL), 1 from Joe Ryan (III Tancat IM), 5 from Sarah Hegarty (4 from European Women’s Team Ch and 1 from 4NCL), 7 from John Nicholson (37th Guernsey Open), and 6 from Anthony Breen (FSFMC November). These are all available in pgn format on the updated Games page.

This reminds me that the original post introducing this feature didn’t give the exact definition being used for an Irish player. The script runs through all FIDE rating lists from 2002 to the present day, and if a player has ever been recorded as Irish on any of those lists, the player is Irish for purposes of this feature. So Sarah Hegarty, for example, currently registered as English, is included based on her registration as Irish in FIDE lists in 2003, even though none of the games included here were played while she was Irish-registered. This is a little arbitrary, of course, but it’s all much easier if a FIDE ID maps to a definite permanent nationality without having to fiddle with different nationalities at different times, and besides it does no harm to take the inclusive definition.

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