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Keres-Dennehy, simul, Trinity 1962

Among the events listed on the Simuls page is the one given by Paul Keres at Trinity on December 2nd 1962, where he played 24, drew two, and lost one, to Tony Dennehy. That the loss is not recorded in … Continue reading

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Collins-S. Williams, e2e4 Diamond Jubilee Premier

Recently Peter Cafolla recommended the “fantastically entertaining” final round games of Alex Lopez, Sam Collins, and Mark Hebden at the e2e4 Diamond Jubilee Premier earlier this month. He was hardly exaggerating. Here’s the Collins game, versus Simon Williams. Collins, Sam … Continue reading

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Tomson solution

The solution to the Tomson problem in the last post is here. (I’ll omit a diagram here to allow later readers a chance to try the problem for themselves.) The knight manoeuvres allow the bishop to move into place by … Continue reading

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J.B. Tomson, series helpmate in 13

Brian Tomson’s career as a player and (especially) a problemist was extensively discussed here last year (Brian Tomson 1942-1986; see also his biographical summary). Born in Belfast, he finished =4th in the 1965 Irish championship and played for Ireland in … Continue reading

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Znosko-Borovsky’s visit to Ireland

Seán made reference in the May 2012 update to Znosko-Borovsky’s simultaneous displays in Armagh and Limerick in December 1926. There is a game dated 1927 between Znosko-Borovsky and O’Hanlon listed in the Games section of the ICU website. It is … Continue reading

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Monthly update, May

It has been quiet here lately because I’ve been spending my chess time budget on two new features: Search Posts and Search Games: The inbuilt WordPress search feature is very limited, searching only posts and not pages. Since all the … Continue reading

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