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Cox centenary: Challenge match with O’Hanlon

In our earlier Thomas Cox centenary article Play-off for the Dublin CC Championship 1936, I chronicled how J.J. O’Hanlon had suffered a surprise defeat to Cox. O’Hanlon was the reigning Irish champion and he perhaps felt the need to restore … Continue reading

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Joe Ryan misses IM norm by ½ point

I haven’t seen any mention of this on the ICU site, but if I’m reading the requirements correctly Joe Ryan missed an IM norm by the narrowest of margins last month. The event was the 4th Sant Martí IM tournament … Continue reading

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‘Fighting like Kilkenny cats’

An Irish game had the distinction of featuring as one of the ChessBase puzzles this week, with fanciful title to match: the reader had to determine the consequences of 27. … Bxg2 in the diagrammed position. See Oliver Reeh’s article … Continue reading

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Rook v. Three Pawns (part II)

Continuing the discussion of this ending from part I: I thought this ending must be extremely rare in practice. But to my surprise Mason-Paulsen turns out to be only the first of many examples in Irish chess, i.e., where the … Continue reading

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Rook v. Three Pawns (part I)

The following is very slightly adapted from an article I submitted to the ICJ some time back. Unfortunately the ICJ seems to have fallen dormant, with the last issue having appeared a year ago this month. I’m still hoping we’ll … Continue reading

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Monthly updates, October and November

Another update on the items over the past couple of months that weren’t the subject of separate posts: “Search games”: The search function for games in the IRLchess games archive has been rewritten. It’s now much faster–almost instantaneous, I think–instead … Continue reading

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