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The Chess Map of Ireland 1993: 20 years on

When I played in the 1994 National Club Championship at the Winston Hotel Bangor, I received the parchment map below. My slightly faded recollection is that all the participants received a copy to mark their participation in the event, but … Continue reading

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The New Winawer Report, issue 2

The second issue of The New Winawer Report has been posted: see the tnwr page. This one continues with the 10. Kd1 line in the Winawer poisoned pawn, which is rare but features some very interesting chess. Modern practice has … Continue reading

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Warsaw Olympiad 1935

Ireland’s first Olympiad was Warsaw 1935, the 6th overall. As with all Olympiads, and indeed many other team tournaments, the definitive reference is the OlimpBase report, and there would be no point in assembling a different report here. However we … Continue reading

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Irish championship 1998

The ICU web site has an interview with Stephen Brady from 1995. His views on the Irish chess scene of the day make interesting reading. One comment that jumps out concerns Colm Daly, and whether he would ever win the … Continue reading

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Waterford 2012

Rory Quinn won last year’s Waterford Open in style, with 6/6, retaining his title from the year before. I asked him for his games for the archive, and he very kindly sent them. Alas! I ran into all sorts of … Continue reading

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