From Cork 2013

TWIC 963 had 23 games from the Cork Masters 2013, now all posted in the games archive.

Doyle-Baburin, Cork Masters 2013In the second round, local player and newly minted Irish U-19 champion Hugh Doyle was up against Alexander Baburin, and reached the following position, as White, to play. He went wrong with 31. Kd3? Kb6 32. Bd4+? and lost quickly after 32. … Bxd4 33. Kxd4 c5+ 34. Kd3 b3! 0-1.

In retrospect he probably wished he had tried 31. Kb3!? from the diagrammed position, with a view to blocking the entire position and preventing Black from infiltrating. What is your evaluation of the resulting position?

Answer (or at least my answer) in a few days.

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  1. Sean Coffey says:

    David McAlister points out that there was one more game on the Cork C.C. web site: Alexander Baburin-Philip Short. And an excellent game it was too!

    Re Doyle-Baburin, I think it’s still hopeless for White even if 31. Kb3!? is tried. After 31. … c5! Black can force the white king out of a4, and set up Ka5 and Ba4. With white bishop at b3 (else … b3 will break through), a later … Bd4 is enough to win.

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