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FIDE has recently issued a requirement that all old title norms and rating qualifications have to be re-registered by this July 31st or be lost forever: apparently the rules have changed so often that it imposes a strain on the Qualifications Commission to keep track of everything. See FIDE’s announcement and the ICU notice for details.

It’s rather odd to see the rating requirements also have to be re-registered: this would be understandable for those ratings achieved momentarily, and never appearing in a published FIDE list. But read literally, FIDE seems to be requiring that even the published norms must be re-registered?

Only records from before 1st July 2005 need to be re-registered.

Martin Crichton has suggested a post to collect data and records to assist with the process. In most cases the player concerned will resubmit, but why take chances? The idea is to assemble the data and then submit before the deadline to Ireland’s FIDE delegate, Kevin O’Connell.

Here’s a starting list, based on suggestions from Martin, with a couple of my own added in also:


Sam Collins, GM norm First Saturday GM; GM norm Arctic Chess Challenge 2010 (both on FIDE site, and post-2005-07-01 anyway)
Brian Kelly, GM norm Staffordshire Millennium GM International 2000; rating 2504 achieved (July 2005 list)


Colm Daly, IM norm 4th Bangkok CC Open 2004 (on FIDE site)
John Delaney, IM norm Thessaloniki Olympiad 1984 (not on FIDE site)
Ryan-Rhys Griffiths, IM norm 4NCL 2012-13 (on FIDE site, and post-2005-07-01 anyway)
Conor O’Shaughnessy, IM norm Hastings Challengers 1992-93 (per Martin)
Joe Ryan, IM norm I Tancats Estiu Mataro MI 2007; IM norm Tancat Foment Martinenc MI 2008 (both on FIDE site, and post-2005-07-01 anyway)


David Cox, rating 2325 (July 1973 list)
Paul Henry, rating 2400 (January 1979 list)
Bernard Kernan, rating 2395 (January 1979 list)
Conor O’Shaughnessy, rating 2340 (July 1993 list)

Others (CM, WIM, etc.)


Any other suggestions? Comments and extra details welcome!

Update, 5 July: added Bernard Kernan.
Update, 8 July: added Brian Kelly’s GM norm from 2000 (thanks to David McAlister for providing the details).
Update, 24 July: added details of Conor O’Shaughnessy’s IM norm and peak rating.

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4 Responses to Norms and titles

  1. martin crichton says:

    Shaughnessy’s published rating was 2340 in the Lloyds masters in 1993 so presumably in the FIDE July list 1993. His IM norm was in Hastings preceding that list…but Hastings was similar to the Mulcahy insofar as the event spanned the new year so it must have been the 92-93 Hastings challengers event (the secondary open event) (not the 10 player invitation one)

    • martin crichton says:

      the recently introduced CM title is for players that have achieved a FIDE rating at any time in excess of 2200.
      Pre 1994, 2200 was the minimum rating requirement to even get on the FIDE rating list so anyone that had a FIDE rating before 1994 can apply for the CM title.

  2. martin crichton says:

    correction…..pre 1992… I recall that FIDE started lowering the rating requirement in 1993 to 2000 and now today the floor is 1000. I suspect there will soon be another title for players with ratings in excess of 2000!

  3. David Cox says:

    Interesting. Didn’t know I was an FM or that the old rating would be lost forever 7/31/13….Oh well.

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