An Argentine variation

Argentine variationThe latest issue (#8) of The New Winawer Report has been posted (along with the games). This one considers a provocative sideline, in which Black adopts an alternative to the usual setup, via 10. … dxc3 and 11. … b6, reaching the diagrammed position. This was introduced in Argentina in the ’40s, and was pioneered by Rossetto and Eliskases for years.

In many variations of the poisoned pawn Winawer Black’s position holds together via a miraculous-seeming series of “only moves”. This Argentine variation tempts fate by spending an extra tempo: surely there must be a refutation? In fact many tempting White approaches lead nowhere, as illustrated by a crushing correspondence win by the late Tom Clarke, and even the almost-universal recommended antidote by White allows Black to survive. But it seems there’s a refutation after all …

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