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125 years of the Armstrong Cup

Today (20th October) marks the 125th anniversary of the first ever Armstrong Cup match. The cup was donated by William Armstrong B.L. as a challenge cup “for annual competition by the chess clubs of Dublin”. Its first season was 1888-89, … Continue reading

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‘A Famous Old Line’

This month marks 60 years since the tournament at Venice 1953, and the game Paoli-Schmid, in a then-critical variation of the Winawer. Schmid uncorked a startling innovation, forcing White to sacrifice an exchange, reaching the diagrammed position. Black, to move, … Continue reading

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Francis Burden

From a player profile on David McAlister’s Ulster Chess History website, citing the Weekly Northern Whig, 11 June 1914: An Eminent Belfast Chess Player Among the foremost British chess players of the sixties was Francis Burden, who was born in … Continue reading

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No Irish player has ever beaten a reigning world champion. (In a regular game, that is, leaving aside simuls.) Even victories over future or past world champions have been very rare: half a dozen or so in all. One such … Continue reading

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Jackson-Bourached, City of Dublin Masters 2013

Another interesting game from this year’s City of Dublin was the round 3 clash between Carl Jackson and Anthony Bourached. [Click to replay.] Black had a simply overwhelming position throughout and it seemed only a question of choosing which way … Continue reading

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City of Dublin championships 2013

The City of Dublin is an event that, while formerly a major draw, has struggled a bit in recent years. But this year’s version had an excellent turnout: 160+ over four sections, well up on last year. The turnout of … Continue reading

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Monthly update, September 2013

A total of 52 games have been added to the archive this month: the full monthly list is available, as usual, by entering “-month2013-09” in the search box. This month sees the return to the game of another veteran, Brian … Continue reading

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