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Irish championship, Limerick 2004

This year’s Irish championship was the fourth ever held in Limerick, after the 1991, 2000, and 2004 championships: see David McAlister’s comprehensive compilation on his Irish Chess History web site. The 2004 championship was notable as the first championship of … Continue reading

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The Alekhine (or Maróczy) Gambit Accepted

It’s strange how the same move in the same position can have drastically varying meanings and interpretations in different games. The classic example is a sharp and startling innovation, successfully and tenaciously defended over the board and ending in a … Continue reading

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Monthly update, October 2013

Another 229 games involving Irish players or teams have been added to the archive this month. Of these, one featured in the Steatham & Brixton Chess Blog’s “Worst Move on the Board” series, unfortunately on the wrong side for the … Continue reading

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