Another queen sacrifice

A while back we had a queen sacrifice from Oliver Dunne that was A la Morphy.

Menon-Dunne, Heidenfeld Trpy 2013-14Oliver has submitted another game, for which many thanks, this time from a Heidenfeld match last weekend. And it’s another queen sacrifice! In the diagrammed position Oliver ventured 27. … Qxd6!!??, sacrificing the queen for two minor pieces.

Let’s set this up as a puzzle.
(a) is this sacrifice sound?
(b) if so, what’s the evaluation after this move?
(c) if not, is there anything better for Black, and how should White continue?

In the game, regardless of the answers to the questions above, White did not make the most of her chances (though Oliver notes that time pressure was a factor) and Black won a resounding victory. [Click to play through the full game.] So an extra question is

(d) where could White have improved?

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  2. Sean Coffey says:


    (a), (b) and (c): the sacrifice isn’t sound but Black is lost in the diagrammed position anyway and this is a good practical choice;
    (d) White still had a winning position until 44. Re1??. But she had made no progress in the previous 16 moves. It would have been better to take active measures, including giving back some material, at any of a number of opportunities, starting with 29. Bxa6 and 30. Bb5 and ending with 44. Rxc3 or 44. Rxd4.

  3. Chris Maunder says:

    Excellent, entertaining victory, Oliver. Shows that mixing it up when under pressure can be a good plan! Thanks again for the meal, drinks and chess after Christmas.

    Chris M (Knaresborough, Yorkshire)

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