Armstrong Cup 1976-77

The Armstrong Cup page has been updated with details of the 1976-77 season. In a close finish U.C.D. retained the cup, fighting off the challenge of Portmarnock, Dublin A, and Collegians. The winning team consisted of Bernard Kernan, Oisín McGuinness, Paul Wallace, Conor Barrington, J. Bradley, M. O’Donnell, Ciarán O’Hare, B. Redmond, D. Denny, and C. McGuinness (from two scorecards).

From Walsh-Mcguinness, Armstrong Cup 1977No games from this season are in the ICU games archive, but here’s one from J.J. Walsh’s scorebook, where he has White against U.C.D.’s board 2 Oisín McGuinness. McGuinness struggled in the opening and was already lost around move 11. The diagrammed position is with White to move. The finish was 24. e6 fxe6 25. Ne5 Qc8 26. fxg6 1-0, though there must be many other ways of winning also. [Click to replay the full game.]

Oddly, this is the first game of J.J. Walsh’s in the games archive here.

[Update, February 24, 2014: David McAlister has provided two more Irish Times articles that I didn’t have (October 14, 1976 and February 11, 1977), with the results of three more matches, for which thanks.]

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  2. Oisin McGuinness says:

    Hi, I’ve just discovered your site today, and am gobsmacked to see J.J. Walsh’s fine crush of me featured in this post about the 1976-1977 Armstrong Cup. I left Ireland for the US in September 1977, and haven’t played chess in Ireland since. I was very proud to be part of the UCD winning team that year–most of my previous Armstrong Cup experience was playing for Dublin (leading the Dublin B one year, if I recall correctly). The C.McGuinness on the team was my brother Conor. I am very delighted to learn that many of my old team mates and opponents are still competing.

    Best wishes to all in Irish Chess.

    Oisin McGuinness

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