Joe Noone, David Denny

The answers to Thursday’s puzzle are Joe Noone (Player A) and David Denny (Player B).

The original source is David Denny’s Flickr account. The players, from left to right, are Joe Noone, Martin O’Neill, David Denny, Brendan Bartley, Tom McHugh, and Gerry Doyle.

Joe Noone’s long and continuing career includes a joint Leinster champion title in 1984.

David Denny played mostly with Kevin Barry, but was on the winning U.C.D. team in the 1976-77 Armstrong Cup. His brothers Brian (three years younger) and Kevin (six years younger) also played: David and Brian both played on the 1974 Glorney Cup team, along with another set of brothers, Paul and Martin Delaney. (Kevin was a contemporary of mine: I remember him from Community Games comptitions, and also from Leinster Schools leagues.)

There are several more (high quality) chess photos on David Denny’s Flickr account that capture the Community Games atmosphere very well.

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  1. Noel O' Mara says:

    I inadvertently found this link. I found myself going down memory lane when I looked at some of the old chess photos on David’s site. It reminded me of the importance of chess in our lives. I still play a bit down here in Tasmania with my brother John!! I always remember Joe Noone doing the Q-R4 check and then winning my bishop at St Johns College. A simple trap that I try not to fall for today!
    Best wishes wherever you are in your lives.
    Noel O’ Mara

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