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Vizayanagaram Tournament, London 1883

Tim Harding has recently written an extensive article (see part 1 and part 2) on the almost forgotten Vizayanagaram Tournament, sponsored by the Maharaja of Vizayanagaram and held in conjunction with the London International Tournament in 1883. One Irish player … Continue reading

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Fagan-Walsh, Leinster Schoolboys’ Championship 1949

With Oliver Dunne’s picture of the 1948 Leinster Schoolboys’ Championship in mind, here is a game from the 1949 event, between Michael Fagan, who appears in the picture, and J.J. Walsh. I think this was a third playoff game after … Continue reading

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Who (and what and when): a partial solution

On the puzzle of Oliver Dunne’s picure, my guesses weren’t too bad but still fell short. Looking at the formal attire, it’s clear this is no recent event, or an event from my own playing days. The players all seemed … Continue reading

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Oliver Dunne has sent the picture above, which he bought several years ago at a stall or second-hand bookshop. There were no details of event, year, participants, or location. (See a larger version.) Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Grefe-Mednis, US Championship 1973, and a ‘deep idea’

The latest issue of The New Winawer Report has been posted on the Winawer page. This one covers the positional lines, in which Black tries the setup … Ba4 and … c4, recommended in several recent books: Vitiugov, Moskalenko, and … Continue reading

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