‘The Wild Variation’

issue 18The latest issue of The New Winawer Report has now been posted. This is the first issue that deals with the 7 … 0-0 line, covering what Kindermann & Dirr call the ‘Wild Variation’ 8. Nf3 f5 9. exf6 Rxf6 10. Bg5 Qa5!?. This leads to interesting complications after 11. Bxf6 Qxc3+ 12. Ke2! (see diagram), and was all the rage in 1986-88.

Though the theory has seemed stable for years, Emanuel Berg’s recent book on the 7. Qg4 Winawer gives a cryptic and tantalising comment that hints of much more to say. What could he be referring to? This issue reviews the theory.

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