Winawer Praxis—III

The latest issue of The New Winawer Report has been posted (and not before time!). This one again covers some recent games in theoretical lines. This time the games are taken from this year’s Irish championship, which featured a feast of Winawers. Four games featured 6. … Ne7 7. Qg4 alone, and there was another with 6. … Qc7 7. Qg4.

Murray-Brady, irish Ch 2014Murray-Brady from round 7 featured a novelty in a topical line. The diagram shows the position after 19. Qf2xa7 Nf5-h4!?. Previously 19. Qxa7 had never been played, but it was analysed by Berg in his recent book; Black can take a draw with 19. …Rxg2 or accept a slightly worse position after 19. … Bc6. After 19. … Nh4!? Black quickly built up a winning position. Of course it can’t be that easy, but where could White have improved and what is the evaluation with best play?

This issue considers the question, along with O’Connor-Ó Cinnéide from round 8, which delved into a long theoretical line in the 7. … 0-0 variation that has been under a cloud lately from Black’s perspective.

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