B. E. A. Cup 1975-76

The Elm Mount team that won the B. E. A. Cup in 1975-76, with trophy:


This is from a Facebook post by one of the players, for which thanks.

How many of the players can you identify?

You might like to compare with the picture of the Elm Mount Branagan Cup-winning team this year, for one of them!

[Update, August 30, 2014:] the photo was of course from Gerry MacElligott’s Facebook page, and he supplies the names in a comment below: left to right Ken Clarke, Seán Kennelly, Gerard MacElligott, Alan MacDonagh, Alek Tyrrell, unknown. Not pictured: Gerry K. Barry.

If I understand correctly, three of that team will be playing, still for Elm Mount, in the Armstrong Cup this season.

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2 Responses to B. E. A. Cup 1975-76

  1. Oliver Dunne says:

    Gerry McElligott is sporting quintessential 70’s fashion! That looks like Alan McDonagh behind him.

  2. Gerard MacElligott says:

    In the photo – left to right:
    Ken Clarke, Seán Kennelly, Gerard MacElligott, Alan Mac Donagh, Alek Tyrrell. Gerry K Barry was missing for the photo so another chess player stepped into the photo. I’m afraid I don’t know who he is.

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