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Who did Dake play?

In the comments to “The trials of Aibhistín de Búrca” Paul Brown raises the issue of which player played A. Dake at Warsaw (de Burca or Cranston). At IRLchess we have plumped for de Búrca. De Búrca, in his 1960 … Continue reading

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Into the Labyrinth—II

The latest issue of The New Winawer Report has (finally!) been posted. It continues from the last issue’s discussion of the 13. Qxc3 line, where 16. … f6, long one of Black’s main defences, is in serious difficulties. The situation … Continue reading

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Dunsany Premier Tourney 1941

The 1940 Irish Championship was affected by the late withdrawal of the two Ulster representatives, A.L.Davies and J.D. Peebles, because they were unable to travel to Dublin. As the Second World War continued into 1941, the Irish Chess Union Council decided, … Continue reading

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