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Samuel Beckett, once removed

Oliver Dunne asks the exact question I had been wondering about myself: is it possible that any of Beckett’s games survive? So far I have not found any. But I did find what may be the next best thing: a … Continue reading

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Samuel Beckett, contd.

In Samuel Beckett and the Armstrong Cup, I thought I had made an original discovery of Samuel Beckett’s career as a chess player, as chess players would understand the term, in the form of an Armstrong Cup scorecard from the … Continue reading

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Ballyfermot Open 1994, contd.

On Ray Woodhouse’s photo of the Ballyfermot Open 1994, we’re a little further along but matters are still not entirely clear. David McAlister convincingly demonstrated that it was the 1994 event, the position on the top board identifying it as … Continue reading

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Ennis Congress 2015

Last weekend’s Ennis Congress featured live boards for the top two games in the Open and the top board in the Under 1400. The 18 games have now been added to the games archive here. There were several interesting games, … Continue reading

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The Tait: a remedy

The final issue of volume 2 of The New Winawer Report has been posted. This continues from last time, covering Black’s options against the Tait variation, shown in the diagram. The last issue covered the former main line defence 16 … Continue reading

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Election time!

The recent election for the House of Commons was dramatic and unexpected, and the campaign was fiercely contested. But did it measure up to the drama of elections of yore? The prominent Dublin barrister Richard Armstrong (1815-1880) was the father … Continue reading

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Ballyfermot Open, circa 1994

Mnay thanks to Ray Woodhouse for this photo of the Ballyfermot Open, played in the Mansion House, which from memory he says is from around 1994. (Click here for the full size version.) Alexander Baburin is at right, and Jonathan … Continue reading

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