Ballyfermot Open, circa 1994


Mnay thanks to Ray Woodhouse for this photo of the Ballyfermot Open, played in the Mansion House, which from memory he says is from around 1994.

(Click here for the full size version.)

Alexander Baburin is at right, and Jonathan O’Connor is facing on board 4. It’s not completely clear but that seems to be Colm Daly playing white on board 2. Can anyone identify his opponent, or provide further information or confirmation on the tournament?

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  1. This is indeed the 1994 Ballyfermot Open played at the Mansion House on 29-30 January. The best clue is the position on Baburin’s board. It appears to be the situation after White’s 15th move in J. Ryan-A. Baburin. The report on the tournament in the Irish Chess Journal at page 9 of Vol. 6 Issue 2 gives the game. For an internet source try

    Leading final scores were 1=2. Alexander Baburin, Russell White (England) 4.5/5; 3=5. Mel O’Cinneide, Gerry O’Connell, Gerry McElligott 4.0

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