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A puzzle

“You can never have enough puzzles”, I read in a recent article. It’s hard to argue with that! In that spirit, and also in an attempt to remain true to the theme of this site, you may like to compare … Continue reading

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Irish championship players

John O’Hanlon’s long-standing record of nine Irish championship wins has been equalled by Stephen Brady, but O’Hanlon still holds one record: he competed in 29 championships. Even here his record is in some danger, with many currently active players nipping … Continue reading

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Roycroft-Walsh, Tormey Cup 1952

The renowned endgame study composer A. J. Roycroft was born in London in 1929. He’s probably best known for his founding and long-time editing of EG, a long-running journal devoted to endgame studies; he also wrote the book Test tube … Continue reading

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Irish championship 1999

A report for the Irish championship 1999 has been added to the collection here: see the Irish championships and Tournaments pages. The tournament was held in Drogheda for the first, and so far only, time ever. The turnout was excellent … Continue reading

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Armstrong Cup 1948-49: Sackville

Congratulations to Gonzaga, who have clinched the Armstrong Cup for the third time in a row, with a round to spare. Details of another past season have been added to the Armstrong Cup page. In 1948-49 the event had eight … Continue reading

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National Club Championship 2017

Congratulations to Gonzaga, convincing winners of this year’s National Club Championship, retaining the title they won for the first time last year. The event has greatly improved over the past couple of years; this must be due in significant part … Continue reading

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Tournament reports have been added for the Bunratty Masters 1999 and 2006 editions. As always, there was much interesting chess in both. But there were also some puzzling games. Now it must be emphasized that even when a game is … Continue reading

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Heidenfeld-Reilly, Irish championship 1964

No sooner had the last post been published, with its statement that only one game was available from the 1964 Irish championship, than David McAlister emailed to say that he had a second in his collection, and a significant one … Continue reading

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Irish championship 1964

The recent posts on the game Oliff-Keogh prompted me to look up the details of the main event with which it was associated, the 1964 Irish championship. That year’s event suffered several problems that turned it into one of the … Continue reading

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Missed opportunity

The very welcome news that the ICU is offering two norm events in Tralee in April brought back memories of other recent norm events and opportunities. One such event was the City of Dublin IM Norm Tournament 2011. No norms … Continue reading

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