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Voss-Doyle, EU/M/633 corr 1983

My playing career, roughly 1974-1985, overlapped significantly with the over-the-board portion of Tony Doyle’s, 1970-1983, when he was one of the top players in the country. He was Irish champion in 1974, and played in three Olympiads, among many other … Continue reading

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C.C., R.I.P.

I switched from O.T.B. to C.C. in 1983 and played this wonderfully rewarding form of chess until 1992, which was just before the introduction of computer programs which radically altered the nature of the game. These “engines” have eliminated all … Continue reading

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N. McCluskey-M. O’Nolan, Armstrong Cup 1932-33

The Armstrong Cup has received excellent coverage in the papers down the years, and for many seasons we even have most match scorecards. However actual games from long-ago seasons are still quite rare and so it’s difficult to judge the … Continue reading

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Daly-O’Connor, Irish championship qualifier 1986

In 1986 it was decided to make the Irish championship a 10-player invitational all-play-all. There was also a separate qualifying tournament that decided at least some of the places (one?). In the last round Colm Daly (White) and Jonathan O’Connor … Continue reading

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D. Dunne-N. Short, Glorney Cup 1977

In 1977 the Glorney Cup was held in Ireland (Gormanston College), and six teams competed, including the Netherlands and France. The English team included Nigel Short, Nigel Davies, Glenn Flear, Daniel King, and William Watson—and they didn’t even win. (See … Continue reading

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Glorney Cup 2016

The Glorney Cup 2016 has concluded with a victory for the Irish team (Tom O’Gorman, Henry Li, Luke Scott, Ross Beatty, Scott Mulligan), retaining the trophy from last year, and finishing clear first for the first time since Cardiff 1958 … Continue reading

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A famous ending—epilogue

I had never seen the original article in “the Irish chess magazine” that Golz and Keres quoted, but now it has been supplied by David McAlister, for which many thanks. The article appeared in Chess in Ireland, September 1959, p. … Continue reading

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A famous ending—III

J. J. Walsh has scorebooks covering all of his games, going back to the late 1940’s, and in the collection is included the full score of the game from the last two posts. White was Barney O’Sullivan, and the event … Continue reading

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Dick Grogan 1938-2016

Dick Grogan, who died earlier this month, was a nationally prominent journalist. Most of his career was spent with the Irish Times, where among other assignments he served as Northern Editor. His Irish Times obituary is subtitled “Journalist whose career … Continue reading

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Bunratty Masters 2016

A full report on this year’s Bunratty Masters is now available here. Nigel Short finished clear first, apparently and surprisingly for the first time ever. All 135 games are available. In perhaps the most interesting of all, the French player … Continue reading

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