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P.J. Laracy, Philip Baker and the 1927 Leinster Championship

When compiling the Roll of Honour for the Leinster Championship, there was a particularly tricky decision to make about the 1927 renewal. There was evidence pointing towards two possible candidates. They were Philip Baker, champion the previous year (and also … Continue reading

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Leinster Championships centenary

The Leinster Championships are being held over the May Bank Holiday weekend, the usual slot for the Malahide Millennium Tournament. In fact these two tournaments have amalgamated this year, and pre-event it was being anticipated that the quality and quantity … Continue reading

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J.J. Walsh unpublished manuscript: selected Irish games 1896-1967

At IRLchess we’re interested in all aspects of Irish chess history and records, but above all in games. The ICU games archive has good coverage, of course, but there are many other published games that are not included there. And … Continue reading

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Leinster championship 2006

The Leinster championship 2006 has been added to the tournaments page. (Or rather, the Masters section of the Leinster championships, as there were three other sections.) 1st-2nd Karl McPhillips, GM Jan Votava (CZE), with Karl McPhillips champion on tie-break. 17 … Continue reading

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