City of Dublin Masters 2010

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Basic data

City of Dublin Masters 2010
Dates September 3-5, 2010
City Dublin
Venue Academy Plaza Hotel, 10-14 Findlater Place, Dublin 1
Tournament Organiser Bryan Tobin
Chief Arbiter Unknown
Players participating 14
Games played 39
Competition format 6-round Swiss. Nominal rating requirement 2000+ but players within 100 points could play at their own option.
Tie break Unknown
Time control 1 hour 45 minutes for all moves
Games available 9
Videos Three video clips are available at the "Irish Chess" YouTube channel (Colm Daly):
FIDE rated? No
Missing data Remaining game scores
Concurrent events
  • City of Dublin Majors 2010, 1st-4th Stephen Moran (1st on tie-break), Gerard Buckley, Sémus Duffy, Mindaugas Janusaitis. 28 players, 6 rounds.
  • City of Dublin Challengers 2010, 1st Pat Coleman.
  • City of Dublin Juniors 2010, 1st Alan Lau. 30 players, 6 rounds.
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Tournament review

See Irish Chess Journal, October 2010, pp. 19-20.

Interesting games

After ... e5, White's in trouble; he complicates, but to no avail:
         Fitzsimons, David – Pert, Nick      0-1

Castling on opposite sides, and White's attack is way ahead:
         Pert, Nick – Zulkipli, Zaidan      1-0

A King's Indian in which the K-side ends up completely blocked; but not the Q-side:
         Daly, Colm – Osborne, Sam C.      1-0

Black's ... d5 generates complications, but not in Black's favour; White wins material neatly:
         Collins, Sam – Quinn, Ciarán      1-0