Sam Collins: Tactical Toolbox: Ruy Lopez/Spanish OpeningTactical Toolbox: Ruy Lopez/Spanish Opening
Sam Collins
DVD, ChessBase 2013; Playing Time 4 hrs. 35 mins.

“In this DVD, the viewer is invited to solve over 60 puzzles in Chessbase’s new interactive Question & Answer format. All positions are from the Ruy Lopez and have been carefully selected to illustrate the most important recurring tactical themes throughout this opening, one of the most important in modern chess. Starting with Black’s alternatives on move 3 and working through until the main lines of the Closed Lopez and the Marshall and Anti-Marshall, the viewer will find his knowledge of the opening developing in tandem with an improvement in his tactical ability. The puzzles range in difficulty from straightforward tactics and opening traps to intricate combinations even grandmasters will struggle to solve.” (Publisher’s summary.)

Reviews: Glenn Mitchell, ChessBase.
Ordering information: ChessBase.

Collins, "The Queen's Gambit Accepted" coverThe Queen’s Gambit Accepted: A Repertoire for Black
Sam Collins
DVD, ChessBase 2012; Playing Time 3 hrs. 30 mins.

“Sam Collins presents a repertoire for Black based on the Queen’s Gambit Accepted, 1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4. Rather than get involved in the heavy theory of the Classical Main Line, the lynchpin of the repertoire is the active development of the queen’s bishop, after 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.e3, with 4…Bg4, a system used regularly by several GMs including Miles and Kogan. … The popular 3.e3 is met with 3…e5 followed by active development. The most ambitious main option at White’s disposal, 3.e4, is met by 3…Nc6, a long time favourite of GMs Baburin and Stevic and one which gives Black rich tactical possibilities of breaking down the white centre. Finally, gambit lines with Nc3 and the positional approach with an early Qa4+ are also covered. The resulting repertoire is solid, reliable, and suitable as either a main weapon or an occasional surprise choice.” (From publisher’s summary.)

Reviews: Colin Potts, ChessCafe
Ordering information: ChessBase | ChessCafe

Learn from the open gamesLearn From the Open Games
Sam Collins
DVD, ChessBase 2012; Playing Time 4 hrs.

“Sam Collins explains the games from which he has learned the most, arising out of 1.e4 e5. Topics covered include: exchanges, attacking strategy, gambits and sacrificial play, opening selection, play with opposite coloured bishops, restriction of the opponent’s pieces, play in queenless middlegames and endgame technique. The themes are of critical importance for an understanding of how to play the middlegame. However, Collins also gives a full explanation of the themes from the opening and early middlegame, making this an invaluable collection for players who play the open games with either colour, or who simply want to learn more about this central touchstone of chess development.” (From publisher’s summary.)

Reviews: Steve Goldberg, ChessCafe (and ChessBase)
Ordering information: ChessBase | ChessCafe


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