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You may also download all games in pgn format:
Full format: irlchess-allgames-20170615-Thu-211209.pgn (12.95 MB)
Short format: irlchess-allgames-20170615-Thu-211209-short.pgn (7.65 MB)
(each compiled June 16, 2017)

Note (June 16, 2017): thoroughly revised from the previous edition. In contrast with the previous files (see below), there are no duplicates, and all names are given in a unique way throughout the files. (At least that’s the intention. If you notice errors, please let me know.) All games compile under the pgn-extract utility, and there are no special characters.

There are 11,354 games (10649 complete or partial games, 573 games without moves, and 132 byes/walkovers/defaults). In the first file listed above, some games contain annotations. Otherwise the general remarks below apply.

(For comparison, here is the previous description, from December 2015, slightly reformatted:

N.B. Many games have names given in TWIC’s compressed format, e.g., “Stephen Brady” appears as “Brady,S” (no space in the middle).

You may also download all games in pgn format:
Full format: irlchess-allgames-20141207-Sun-090427.pgn (9.06 MB)
Short format: irlchess-allgames-20141207-Sun-090427-short.pgn (6.17 MB)
(each compiled December 7, 2014)

Nominally there are 8955 games, but these include several hundred bare results without game score, approximately a hundred byes/walkovers/defaults, and some duplicates.

Almost all games are unannotated. Full format includes details on sources, annotators, references, tournament details, discrepancies, and player titles, ratings, clubs, teams, and FIDE and other IDs, and two final tags described below. Short format provides simply the standard pgn 7-tag roster, with the two final tags described below.

The final two tags are “URL” and “LastModified”. For example, the earliest game, de Labourdonnais—McDonnell, first match (2) 1834, has the entries:

[URL “”]
[LastModified “Sat Feb 23 18:13:53 2013”]

The first entry should be self-explanatory: it’s the URL of the on-line playable game.

The second entry lists the last time the .htm file referred to by the URL changed (in Utah’s time zone, as that’s where the servers are hosted).

The “what” of these tags should be clear enough; you may well wonder about the “why”. If your background is in software, the goal is provide version control; if you’re an historian the goal is to provide archival value. We’d like to provide accurate historical information about all of these games, and it often happens that multiple different versions of a game appear in different databases: one has some extra moves at the end, for example, or slightly different information on event and date. How do you know which is correct? Even if you happen to know that one is a corrected version of the other, PGN does not provide a straightforward way to record information on which version came later. The system here is that the .htm file for each playable game has embedded within it the pgn that was used to generate the file. The function that generates the databases above searches through all .htm files on this web site, extracts the embedded pgn, and records the last-modified time of the .htm file. Thus the “official” version of each game is the one embedded in the corresponding .htm file, and not any of the half a dozen or so intermediate versions that may exist the uploader’s computer.

The filenames include the most recent last-modified time: for the files above, the most recently modified game was modified on Sunday, December 7, at 09:04:27.

— end of previous description (December 2015).)

Last updated June 16, 2017.

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