Irish Championship 2004

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Basic data

Irish Championship 2004
Dates July 10-18, 2004
Venue Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, Dublin Rd, N7, Castletroy, Limerick
Tournament Organiser Michael Crowe
Arbiter Gerry Graham
Players participating 20
Games played 90
Competition format 9-round Swiss. Rating requirement '1900+'. Open to non-Irish players but only Irish players eligible for title of Irish champion.
Tie break Title of Irish champion available only to Irish players. Tie-break would apply for title in case of a tie between three or more players; otherwise none.
Time control Unknown
FIDE rated? Yes (event ID 28972)
Extra information Joe Ryan, Irish champion 2004

See Gerry Graham's round 9 bulletin for photos of (most of) the players, Gordon Freeman / Gawain Jones, John S. White (intermediate champion), and Steven Hanly.

Above: Joe Ryan.
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Tournament review

See Gerry Graham's round-by-round updates, originally published at Irish Chess Online.

Interesting games

Poisoned Pawn (fast-acting poison):
         Wallace, Paul – Quinn, Rory      0-1

A loose start sees White lost after the opening, and it's all downhill from there:
         Mudrák, Josef – Joyce, John      0-1

A murky middlegame beautifully cleared up:
         Quinn, Rory – Healy, Tom      1-0

A complicated struggle; one for the next edition of 'Draw!':
         Mudrák, Josef – Fox, Anthony      ½-½

The defending champion loses two tempi in the opening and is steamrollered:
         McPhillips, Karl – Brady, Stephen      1-0

Sometimes in an ending the king should not be the most active piece:
         Joyce, John – McPhillips, Karl      0-1

White seems on the ropes but somehow extracts a win; a critical game for the championship:
         Ryan, Joe – Jessel, Stephen      1-0