Irish Championship 2009

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Basic data

Irish Championship 2009
Dates July 4-12, 2009
City Dublin
Venue D4 Hotel, 146 Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Tournament Director Michael Crowe
Players participating 29
Games played 123
Competition format 9-round Swiss. Rating requirement 1900+. Open to non-Irish players but only Irish players eligible for title of Irish champion.
Tie break Tie break would apply for title of Irish champion in case of a tie between three or more players. Otherwise none.
Time control 40 moves in 2 hours, 20 moves in 1 hour, rest in 30 minutes.
Games available 93, including one (Berney–Daly) incomplete
Missing data, etc. 30 game scores, remainder of 1 incomplete score
Concurrent events
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Tournament review

Colm Daly wins his 4th Irish championship, the prevous wins being 1998, 1999, and 2005. Peter Cafolla's summary, in his annotation of his game against Matt O'Leary (ICU games archive):

"This year's Irish Championship was, despite my poor performance, one of the most enjoyable for many years. There was a strong field with five or six possible winners and no clear favourite. I prefer when there are no Grandmasters playing, I love to see them in most tournaments but the Irish Championship is different. The venue, the D4 Hotel in Ballsbridge, was excellent. Car parking was easy and the room itself was spacious, warm, well ventilated and well lit. There were many hard fought and exciting games particularly Delaney v Short and Quinn v Daly. Colm Daly made a surprise return to his best form and ended up winning the tournament in a bit of a canter, his only hiccup being his loss to Mark Quinn. He did risk forfeiting his game against Atlas by turning up 16 minutes late thereby exceeding the 15 minute guillotine but the Controller Michael Crowe used his discretion (rightly in my opinion) and allowed the game to proceed. I think had Daly been defaulted at that stage that it would have ruined the tournament and the best player of the week would not have become Champion."

Interesting games

         Porter, Liam – Hegarty, Sarah N.      ½-½

         Quinn, Mark – Fitzsimons, David      1-0

         O'Connell, Gerard – Porter, Liam      1-0

         Healy, John – Duffy, Séamus      0-1

         Loughran, John – O'Leary, Matt      1-0

         Quinn, Ciarán – O'Connell, Gerard      0-1

         Duffy, Séamus – Redmond, John P.      0-1

         Quinn, Mark – Daly, Colm      1-0

         O'Connell, Gerard – Atlas, Valeri      0-1

         Short, Philip – Brady, Stephen      0-1

         Redmond, John P. – Delaney, John      0-1

         Cafolla, Peter – Hayes, Peter J.      0-1

         Brady, Stephen – Daly, Colm      0-1

         Delaney, John – Short, Philip      ½-½

         Fitzsimons, David – Hegarty, Sarah N.      1-0

         Loughran, John – Fox, Anthony      0-1

         Daly, Colm – Atlas, Valeri      1-0

         Fitzsimons, David – Brady, Stephen      1-0

         Cafolla, Peter – O'Leary, Matt      1-0

         Murray, David B. – Doyle, Hugh      1-0