Irish Championship 2015

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Basic data

Irish Championship 2015
Dates July 4-12, 2015
City Dublin
Venue Academy Plaza Hotel, 10-14 Findlater Place, Dublin 1
Organiser Pat Fitzsimons, Peter Scott
Chief Arbiter Ivan Baburin
Deputy Arbiter Ruth Redmond
Players participating 19
Games played 79
Competition format 9-round Swiss
Eligibility IRL registration with FIDE; additional rating requirement unclear but roughly 1850+ with exceptions (see Sources and Notes).
Tie break Not explicitly stated but probably unchanged from the previous year:
"Where two players tie for first place the title and prize money will be shared. Where 3 or more tie for first place the top two using Buchholz Meridian system (Hi-Lo) will share the title and all tied players will share the 1st., 2nd., 3rd., and 4th ( if advertised ) prizes equally." (See Sources and Notes for tie-break for Olympiad place.)
Time control 40 moves in 100 minutes, plus an additional 40 minutes at move 40, plus a 30 second increment from move 1.
FIDE rated? Yes (ID 116402)
Games available All 79 (one incomplete).
Extra information Brady-O'Donnell, Irish Championship 2015
Colm Daly took several videos and photos (see Sources and Notes). Above: Brady-O'Donnell, round 7, as the players agreed a draw.
Concurrent events
References Sources and notes. If you have any other documents, reports, references, biographical information, annotations or (in particular) photos, please .

Tournament review

None available.

Interesting games

Miracle escape:
         O'Rourke, Ray – Daly, Colm      ½-½

A wild, see-saw struggle ‘who was winning and when?’:
         Kennedy, John P. A. – O'Gorman, Tom      ½-½

Mating net:
         O'Donnell, Conor – Fitzsimons, David      1-0

Poisoned pawn:
         Fitzsimons, David – Brady, Stephen      1-0

Flawed gem: White wins with a dazzling, but unsound, combination:
         O'Gorman, Tom – O'Rourke, Ray      1-0

The black king caught in a queen & rook crossfire:
         Short, Philip – Fitzsimons, David      1-0

White on the ropes but Black fails to land the knockout blow:
         Brady, Stephen – O'Donnell, Conor      ½-½

A chaotic finale where White ultimately loses the thread:
         Jessel, Stephen – Daly, Colm      0-1