Monthly roundup

I haven’t posted in a while, due to a nasty problem with my computer: the hard disk became corrupted. It seems that all the data is fine (touch wood), but most of the software wouldn’t run, so the complete operating system had to be reinstalled. For various reasons this took 10 days.

As it happens, I wouldn’t have had that much to post anyway, beyond the weekly set of Irish games from TWIC and one or two minor revisions of other pages. From now on, I think I’ll just upload these directly to the relevant pages, without also having a separate post, and will collect all such minor items into one post at the end of each month. The changes for November are:

TWIC: TWIC 889 (21st November) had 6 Irish games: 5 with Anthony Breen and 1 with Joe Ryan. TWIC 890 (28th November) had 1 Irish game, with Joe Ryan. The relevant files are on the Games page.

Simuls: Details on 9 more simuls have been added to the main Simuls page. These are all from the leadup to An Tóstal 1955, with simuls given by Albéric O’Kelly de Galway, Ossip Bernstein, and T. D. van Scheltinga in various locations around the country. Last year Tony Foley had a great series of posts on An Tóstal 1955 itself.

Up to now all the simuls listed have been by visiting players. Of course there have been many by local players also, indeed so many that they dwarf the simuls given by visitors. Rather than lump them together, therefore, there’s a new Local simuls page, which we’ll be building up gradually. Currently only one simul is listed but we have to start somewhere.

Irish championship 2010: The report on last year’s Irish championship has been revised slightly. The new version (v1.2) adds an Annotations index and a link to John Redmond’s blog.

FICHEALL: Úna O’Boyle’s Ficheall, the first ever chess book in Irish, was shortlisted some time ago for Gradam Réics Carló (Irish Language Children’s Book of the Year) 2011. The final decision was due on November 15th, but I haven’t seen any results announced yet, even after doing a search on the other shortlisted books.

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2 Responses to Monthly roundup

  1. Úna O Boyle says:

    Didn’t win the Réics Carló award but sure had a good time with the extra publicity it got. Was very proud to be nominated. Thanks for all the chess support.
    Úna x

  2. Sean Coffey says:

    Hi Úna,

    Sorry to hear you didn’t win. I have the impression though that making the shortlist acts as an award in itself, in that you’ll always be able to cite it: kind of like receiving an Oscar nomination. I hear the first edition has almost sold out, so best of luck for continued success with it.


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