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Gonzaga Masters 2016

Last month I wrote here that there were apparently going to be no games available from this year’s Gonzaga Masters. I’m delighted to report that the great majority of the games have now been made available, compiled by Ruth Redmond … Continue reading

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Armstrong Cup 2015-16, continued

Even at the beginning of the season the general consensus was that it would be hard to stop Gonzaga in this year’s Armstrong Cup, and so it has proved. With some of the 8th-round matches played, Gonzaga leads by 4½ … Continue reading

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Arbitrary and capricious—II

The last post asked how it could be that the tie-break system placed Philip Short ahead of Stephen Brady. The tie-break system was Median Buchholz followed by Buchholz, i.e., just sums of opponent scores (with median dropping the highest and … Continue reading

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Arbitrary and capricious

The close finish to this year’s Irish championship brought the possibility of a three-way tie for first place. When two players tie for first, the rule is (as it has been since the 1970s) that the players share the title. … Continue reading

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Who (and what and when): a partial solution

On the puzzle of Oliver Dunne’s picure, my guesses weren’t too bad but still fell short. Looking at the formal attire, it’s clear this is no recent event, or an event from my own playing days. The players all seemed … Continue reading

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Joe Noone, David Denny

The answers to Thursday’s puzzle are Joe Noone (Player A) and David Denny (Player B). The original source is David Denny’s Flickr account. The players, from left to right, are Joe Noone, Martin O’Neill, David Denny, Brendan Bartley, Tom McHugh, … Continue reading

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This photo shows the Ballyfermot team that won the national Community Games championship in 1970. (Click on the picture for a larger version.) One player in this picture (call him Player A) was later a Leinster champion. He’s still playing, … Continue reading

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Another queen sacrifice

A while back we had a queen sacrifice from Oliver Dunne that was A la Morphy. Oliver has submitted another game, for which many thanks, this time from a Heidenfeld match last weekend. And it’s another queen sacrifice! In the … Continue reading

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J.C. Hickey

The answer to Sunday’s puzzle is John C. Hickey. I said it was a hard puzzle, and indeed I’ll bet most readers will be unfamiliar with the name. But he had quite a distinguished career in both over-the-board and correspondence … Continue reading

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Can anyone identify this Irish player? Some clues: (a) he won several national championships (b) he played in a zonal tournament in 1957 (c) he played Armstrong Cup chess for Phibsboro. Warning: hard! The picture is shown with permission, but … Continue reading

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