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Ulster Championship 2002

The plan here at IRLchess is to present as much information as possible about as many Irish chess tournaments as possible (and a bit more besides). Sean suggested to me that the Ulster Championship played 27-30 December 2002 would be … Continue reading

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What if queens could jump as knights do?

“Hey Dad,” said my 9-year-old a couple of days ago, “I’ve figured out why queens don’t move like knights.” Then he showed me the reason he had come up with. And very persuasive it was too! So here’s the puzzle: … Continue reading

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From the 2011 Irish championship

Administrative note: post reformatted, 20 August 2012.

Keogh-Doyle, Irish Ch 2011The 2011 Irish championship was hugely enjoyable and a credit to the players and organisers. Is it a trick of the imagination, due to the presence of live games and almost instant availability of game scores, or was the chess really more entertaining than usual? Perhaps a mixture of both?

Here is a finish with a timeless appeal:

Black now played 49 … h3. How do you evaluate this move and the resulting position with best play? Was there anything better?

See the solution. Continue reading

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And they’re off …

The 2011 Irish championship has started. There is some excellent live coverage available from the organisers, the highly reputed e2e4 Chess, including live games for the first time ever in an Irish championship.

We gather all the information we have in a tournament report, which we’ll update continually while the championship unfolds.

July 10: Stephen Brady wins the Irish championship for the 7th time. Rory Quinn wins the weekender. July11: Eric Bennett earlier won the intermediate. Mark Finnigan won the junior. Continue reading

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Short-Brady, Irish championship 2007

Administrative note: post reformatted 20 August 2012.

Short-Brady, Irish Ch 2007Short, Philip – Brady, Stephen
Irish Championship (9), Dublin, 8 July 2007

83. Bg2 e2 84. Kd2 Bc4 85. Bh3 Kd4 86. Bd7 Ke4 87. g6 Kf3 88. Ke1 Ke3 89. Be8 Bd3 90. Bf7 Bc2 91. Be8 Bb1 92. Bb5 Bxg6 93. Bxe2 Bc2 94. Bb5 Kd4 95. Kd2 Bb3 96. Ke1 Kc5 97. Kd2 Kb4 98. Kc1 Bxa4 99. Bd3 Bb5 100. Bg6 a4 101. Kb2 a3+ 102. Ka1 Bc4 103. Be4 g5 104. Bg2 g4 105. Ba8 g3 106. Bg2 Kc3 107. Bh3 Kd2 108. Bg2 Ke3 109. Bh3 Kf2 110. Kb1 Be6
0-1 (time) Continue reading

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