TWIC 887

This week’s issue of TWIC contains just three Irish games. It did not contain any games from last week’s e2e4 Gatwick International; the FIDE tournament reports don’t give the games either, and they’ve even disappeared from the organiser’s web site. I’m still hoping they’ll reappear: sometimes it’s a matter of the last-round games not being quite finished.

In any case this week’s games, now up on the Games page, include one by Sarah Hegarty and two by Joe Ryan. Of these the most interesting is Ryan-Cruz. There was a discussion a while back on the LCU Blog on the merits or otherwise of 1. b3. Based on much personal experience I think this is correctly written 1. b3?, and this game, in which Joe Ryan tries it against a 2400+ opponent, is a searing example.

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  1. David McAlister says:

    The current absence of the Gatwick games seems to be due to a request to delay publishing games of several young players playing there who will be going to the World Youth Championships in Brazil, November 17th to 27th. See this thread on the English Chess Forum.

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