Thorpe-Hughes, WYCC U14 Open 2013

horpe-Hughes, WYCC U18 Opn 2013Ireland had three representatives at the World Youth Chess Championships in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates last month: John Hughes (5/11, U18 Open), Diana Mirza (6/11, U14 Girls), and Kevin Singpurwala (4½/11, U14 Open). All games were made available by the organisers, and the ones involving Ireland’s representatives are now in the archive here.

There are several interesting games in this collection, but none more than John Hughes’ penultimate round game against Thomas Thorpe (Wales). In the diagrammed position it’s Hughes, as Black, to play. Is there any way of saving the game? I haven’t run it through an engine but would guess that Black would have to look earlier to improve. In any case, Hughes’ 19 … Qxf2 didn’t suffice. [Click to play through the full game.]

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  2. GM says:

    “but none more than John Hughes”. I think that there were more other interested games (also of Kevin and Diana – who by the way matched her best ever Irish performance at such competition!

    • Sean Coffey says:

      Well, it was an “interesting loss”, so no reflection on Diana or Kevin. As a loss it would not qualify for a Best Game prize, for example.

      Yes, Diana did well–congratulations! In fact all three had decent scores.

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