Fagan-Walsh, Leinster Schoolboys’ Championship 1949

Fagan-Walsh, Leinster Schoolboys Ch 1949With Oliver Dunne’s picture of the 1948 Leinster Schoolboys’ Championship in mind, here is a game from the 1949 event, between Michael Fagan, who appears in the picture, and J.J. Walsh. I think this was a third playoff game after the first two were drawn. The source is one of J.J.’s scorebooks (see below), and the game is not in the ICU games archive. It follows a theoretical line in the Guioco Piano (Møller Attack?). The diagrammed position, with Black to play his 16th, appears in over a hundred games in the main database I consulted, and seems to be drawn with best play. Black knew the theory and White didn’t.

The note talks of Michael Fagan retiring from the game, but that seems to have been written over fifty years ago; the scorebook goes up to the early 1960’s.

[Click to play through the full game.]


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