Irish Junior (or Schools) Championships

The Irish Junior Championships are on this weekend in Blanchardstown. Best of luck to all participants!

Just in time for this event, David McAlister has put together a full list of all these events back to 1948, with just one exception (1996: can anyone please supply the missing information?).

Many familiar names are listed, including this year’s organiser John Delaney (joint champion in 1979), as well as yours truly (1979, 1981).

Some time back we had a great photo, supplied by Oliver Dunne, of the 1948 event, with the 1948 and 1949 winners Geoffrey Hand and Michael Fagan.

[Update, April 12, 2015: the photo may have been from the 1948 Leinster Schoolboys’ Championship.]

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  1. Kevin Burke says:

    Just a heads up – that link redirects to your home page, not

  2. Sean Coffey says:

    Thanks Kevin: I had forgotten to put in the actual link. Fixed now.

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