Tournament reports have been added for the Bunratty Masters 1999 and 2006 editions. As always, there was much interesting chess in both.

But there were also some puzzling games. Now it must be emphasized that even when a game is available, it isn’t always the full game, and even when all the moves are present, the reason for the game’s end may be missing. For example, sometimes one player loses on time. Or the game continues but both players are short of time, stop recording moves, and one player blunders. Although it’s possible to record all this information, for various reasons it’s often lost in databases.

Van Voorthuijsen - Kane, Bunratty Masters 2006 In the Bunratty Masters 2006 there was one very striking example. In the first round the English player Robert Kane, as Black against the Dutch FM Peewee Van Voorthuijsen, reached the diagrammed position after 31… Qh3, when the game breaks off. White is utterly lost, e.g. 32. Qb5 Qxh2 33. Qf1 Bg2.

(Put it this way: Komodo 9.3 evaluates it at -28.45 after 31… Qh3.)

But the result was 1-0!

The version in the ICU games collection ends with “…”, indicating that some moves have been omitted. It would be interesting to see how White could have recovered. Does anyone have information on what exactly happened?

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