Monthly updates, August and September

Here is an update on the items in August and September that weren’t the subject of separate posts. Pressure of work and travel kept me from posting an update last month.

Games collection:

Games with an Irish connection pop up all over the web. With an improved processing system it is now much easier to grab these and add them to the collection.

Games added to the archive in August include McKeown-Bracken, a casual blindfold game played in a Dublin pub in 1986; Siegrist-Kelly from a kids challenge match Berkeley-Straffan in 2001; Brisson-Burke and Janowski-Ruane from the Ennis Shield 2011-12; and Manojlovic-Carroll from the Bodley 2011-12.

For September, the games included five correspondence games by George Frith Barry from the 1870’s and 1880’s, versus Larminie, Long, Long, Meehan, and Pim; plus another correspondence game of the same era, Long-Buckley, 1871; de Jonge-Bradley 2007, Donoghue-Twomey 2008 and Horvath-Galligan 2008 from Cork C.C.’s games page; two games by outgoing Cork C.C. chairman Michael Bradley, versus D. O’Connell and McKeon, from the same source; and four games of Mark Orr’s from the Dundee Open 2009.

In addition, David McAlister’s post from February on Korchnoi’s simul in Armagh, 1981 gave a copy of the signed scoresheet in Korchnoi’s game against him, but the game wasn’t in the archive. A playable version has now been added.


The Irish games from TWIC have now not been processed for over a month, since August 20 in fact. There’s a reason: I’m in the process of adding a small amount of extra functionality for this feature, and the programming is half-finished. In addition FIDE has altered the format of its rating lists, so I need to find time to adjust for that. Sometime soon!

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