Into the Labyrinth—II

The latest issue of The New Winawer Report has (finally!) been posted. It continues from the last issue’s discussion of the 13. Qxc3 line, where 16. … f6, long one of Black’s main defences, is in serious difficulties. The situation is no better for 16. … Be8, another main defence, so what’s left?

tnwr-22This issue considers the remaining possibility 16. … Na5 via the recently-completed correspondence game Churkina—Kirsanov, ICCF World Cup 20 prelim 1 2013. After 17 g4 (17 Rb4 is the alternative; it’s not covered in any detail in this issue but Black appears to be fine) 17. … Ba4! we reach the diagrammed position, which is critical for the soundness of the entire Poisoned Pawn, and which has received widely divergent evaluations.

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