Community Games

Under 16:

1973     Ballyfermot (Dublin)
1974     Ballyfermot (Dublin)
1975     Ballyfermot (Dublin)
1976     Edenmore (Dublin)
1977     Malahide (Dublin)
1978     St. Laurence’s (Dublin)
1979     Malahide (Dublin)
1980     Malahide (Dublin)
1981     Malahide (Dublin)

1984     Newcastle (Down)
1985     Malahide (Dublin)

1989     Malahide (Dublin)

2002     Straffan (Kildare)
2003     Straffan (Kildare)
2004     Knocknacarra (Galway)
2005     Shannon (Clare)
2006     Shannon (Clare)
2007     Ballinasloe (Galway)
2008     Ballinasloe (Galway)
2009     Ballinasloe (Galway)
2010      Ballinasloe (Galway)
2011      Ballinasloe (Galway)
2012      Ballinasloe (Galway)
2013      Shannon (Clare)
2014      Claregalway / Lackagh (Galway)

Scores and Players:

1973     Ballyfermot
Brian Denny, David Spain, David Peckham, Kevin Denny, Eamonn Condon, F. O’Mara.
Final (Mosney, September 7-9, 1973): Ballyfermot 3–2 Cork (all games adjudicated: +2 =2 -1). Semi-final: Ballyfermot beat Connacht.
Leinster final (Arklow, August 1973): Ballyfermot 3–2 Arklow.

1977     Malahide
Colm O’Flaherty, Ann Palmer, David Palmer, Suzanne Connolly, Jimmy O’Mahony.

1978     St.Laurence’s
Seán Coffey, Owen O’Mahony, Brendan Lyons, Dermot Kennan, David Lanigan.

1984     Newcastle
Niall Campbell, Patrick Carton, Dara Carton, Philip Moclair, Niall Carton.
Finals: Newcastle beat Kildare, Cork, and Castlebar.

1989     Malahide
1. Malahide    2. Ennis    3. Castlebar.

2002     Straffan
Michael Devlin, Robbie Lunn, Eamon Keane, Dónal Spring, Andrew Brogan, Clive Ferris, Robert Kelly.

2003     Straffan
Andrew Brogan, Clive Ferris, Niall Kiernan, Robbie Lunn, Eamon Keane, Naomi Scott-Hayward, Melissa Scott-Hayward.

2005     Shannon
Catherine Danaher, Liam Normoyle, Steven Hanly, Eanna Ryan, Olivia Fitzmaurice.

2007     Ballinasloe
Tony Deane, Robert McKenna, Eoin Moran, Jonathan Brooks, Conor Barrett, David Finnegan, Jacob Walshe.
Finals (Mosney, all-play-all): Ballinasloe 3–2 Bruff (Limerick); Ballinasloe 3–2 Drumlish (Longford); Ballinasloe 5–0 Bundoran (Donegal).

2008     Ballinasloe
Robert McKenna, Eoin Moran, Conor Barrett, Jacob Walshe, Ruairi McKenna-Carroll, Oisín Murphy, Eanna Watters.
Finals (Mosney, all-play-all, May 2008). Ballinasloe 5–0 St.Patrick’s (Cavan); Ballinasloe 3–2 Drumlish (Longford); Ballinasloe 4–1 Annascaul (Kerry). Runners-up: Drumlish (Brian Collum, Anthony Keane, Mark Breslin, Francis Mollaghan, Diarmuid Cooney, Paul Hughes, Gavin Heaney).

2009     Ballinasloe
Robert McKenna, Eoin Moran, Conor Barrett, Ruairi McKenna-Carroll, Jack McKenna, Shane Bleahene, Conor Bleahene.
Final (Athlone Institute of Technology): Ballinasloe 4–1 Shannon. Semi-final: Ballinasloe 3½–1½ Drumlish (Longford).

2010     Ballinasloe
Eoin Moran, Conor Barrett, Ruairi McKenna-Carroll, Billy McKenna, Jack McKenna, Shane Bleahene, Conor Bleahene.

2011     Ballinasloe
Ruairi McKenna-Carroll, Billy McKenna, Jack McKenna, Shane Bleahene, Daniel McMorrow, Luke Moran, Conor Kelly.

2012     Ballinasloe
Billy McKenna, Jack McKenna, Shane Bleahene, Daniel McMorrow, Luke Moran, Conor Kelly, Conor Bleahene.

2013     Shannon
Kevin Singapurwala, David Hanley, Robbie Meaney, Joseph Cesar, Darragh Danaher, Hazel Meaney.
Final (Athlone, 26 May 2013): Shannon Juniors 2½–2½ Malahide. Replay: Shannon Juniors 3–2 Malahide.

2014     Claregalway / Lackagh
Oisín Noone, Kieran Spellman, Thomas McStay, Adam Healy, Harry Fleming, Conor McDonogh, Aoife Ryan.

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Last updated October 13, 2016.

12 Responses to Community Games

  1. John McKenna says:

    More info

    Ballinasloe 2008 Robert McKenna Eoin Moran Conor Barrett Jacob Walshe Ruairi McKenna-Carroll Oisin Murphy Eanna Watters
    Ballinasloe 2009 Robert McKenna Eoin Moran Conor Barrett Ruairi McKenna-Carroll Jack McKenna Shane Bleahene Conor Bleahene
    Ballinalsoe 2010 Eoin Moran Conor Barrett Ruairi McKenna-Carroll Billy McKenna Jack McKenna Shane Bleahene Conor Bleahene
    Ballinaloe 2011 Ruairi McKenna-Carroll Billy McKenna Jack McKenna Shane Bleahene Daniel McMorrow Luke Moran Conor Kelly
    Ballinasloe 2012 Billy McKenna Jack McKenna Shane Bleahene Daniel McMorrow Luke Moran Conor Kelly Conor Bleahene

  2. Stephen Danaher says:

    I just this evening collected the under 16 chess shield, its full title is The Liam Daly Memorial Perpetual shield. Straffan won it in 2002 and 2003, Knocknacarra in 2004, Shannon in 2005 and 2006. You have the rest of the results. The Shannon 2005 team were Catherine Danaher, Liam Normoyle, Steven Hanly, Eanna Ryan and Olivia Fitzmaurice. I am searching for the 2006 programme and will fill in the team when I find it.

  3. Kevin says:

    For what it’s worth, I have a bronze medal at home from the 1991 games. I was a bit lucky – I was an unused sub; I remember Fergus Gaines calling into the house with my medal one Saturday. I hadn’t even been aware the Games had been on that day! The qualifiers had held been in Clonkeen College, and I think the team was a Dean’s Grange team. I’m fairly sure Mark Quinn was our board 1 – he had been exempted from qualifying, as I recall; I have a silver medal from that! Other than that, I’ve no info unfortunately.

    This site – – seems to suggest that Ennis St Kieran’s pipped us to the silver, with Rory Quinn on board 3.

  4. tom o'sullivan says:

    Winners in 1974 & 1975 were Ballyfermot and 1979-80-81 – Malahide

    • Sean Coffey says:


      Great to hear from you! I hope all goes well.

      (For the benefit of everyone else I should mention that Tom was controller for the Dublin Community Games throughout the 1970’s, and Malahide team manager also.)

      All the best,


  5. tom o'sullivan says:

    Further- I notice that the Malahide team shown for 1977 is incorrect- Team Suzanne Connolly was not on the team. Jimmy (O’Mahony) should read Timmy. Others were Pat Hogan and David Whelan.

    I have also come across a photo of the 1989 team- Simon Iwasaki, Richard Casey, Aidan McSweeney, Ger Curran, Niall MacGiollabhuí and Conor Toolan.

    Some players on the 1979 team were David Palmer, Colm Downey, Timmy O’Mahony Paul O’Mahony, Diarmuid Connolly. Peter Bonner

    The 1980 team saw Timmy overage and Christy O’Sullivan join the panel.

    1981- Christy O’Sullivan, Paul O’Mahony, Peter Bonner, Colm Downey, Diarmuid Connolly

    Some members of the 1985 Malahide team were Andy O’Sullivan, Paul Beausang, Richard Casey, Shane Bissett, Simon Iwasaki

    • Sean Coffey says:

      Hi Tom,

      I’m in San Francisco these days. I moved to the US in 1985 and hadn’t touched a piece until about 5 years ago when I took my son (now 12) to play in a kid’s tournament. I played a 5-minute game against one of the other parents and was hooked again.

      Fantastic information, thanks! Those events were among the most enjoyable I ever played in. I had a separate post about our (St. Laurence’s) experience in 1978:

      Re 1977, could Suzanne have played at an earlier stage that year? I took the team from an Irish Times column (July 9, 1977, p. 6) on the 1977 Dublin final, Malahide v. St. Laurence’s: “Colm O’Flaherty v. Oliver Dunne, drawn; Ann Palmer lost to Sean Coffey; David Palmer beat Sean Quigley; Suzanne Connolly beat Owen O’Mahony; Timmy [misprint in Irish Times here] O’Mahony beat Niall Doherty”. (3½-1½.) I think Suzanne is around the same age as me also.

      I’ll update the page in a little while. One thing that has puzzled me is why the national winners are all Dublin up to a point, and never Dublin afterwards. I wonder what changed?

      • tom o'sullivan says:

        Straffan became very strong when Jack Hennigan became headmaster in the local N.S. I understand that he had chess included as part of the school curriculum. Throughout the 90s and noughties they participate in international events.

        In addition, the level of interest in chess in Dublin began to wane. The number of participating teams dropped to below 10. Malahide did not participate generally in the CG for a number of years though they came back in in 1993 and our chess team won Dublin in 1993 and 1994 but were well outplayed by Straffan. I am sure that Straffan won most A-Irelands during th 90s.

  6. tom o'sullivan says:

    Hi again, Seán

    I gave you the names of the 1989 Malahide team but omitted to mention that we were All Ireland champions that year.

    I stand (or rather, sit) corrected re Suzanne.

    We won out in Dublin in 1985 but were walloped by Straffan.

    Good to have heard from you and glad to hear that you are making a comeback. You have brought back memories of the Danish international event in which you performed well. Suzanne was on that Irish team. Slán Tom

    • Sean Coffey says:

      Hi Tom,

      I well remember that event! Four years ago or so I went searching for any information on it. I was delighted to track down the full set of games from the event, which I got from Jesper Nørgaard, board 1 for Denmark B. I sent them to OlimpBase along with a writeup, and you can see all games at

      Suzanne indeed played, and I think was the only female player.

      I remembered that John Kennedy was our top scorer (4/7) but didn’t realise until going through the games that he had a winning position at one time or another in all 7 games.

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