The New Winawer Report, issue 2

The New Winawer Report issue 2The second issue of The New Winawer Report has been posted: see the tnwr page. This one continues with the 10. Kd1 line in the Winawer poisoned pawn, which is rare but features some very interesting chess.

Modern practice has converged on a line leading to the diagram at right, where White has just played 15. Qh7-h4!. The point is that the bishop is indirectly protected (15. … Rxe5 16. Qh8+), so White gains control over d4 after either 15. … Rg8 16. Qd4 or 15. … Rf5 16. Qh8+! Kd7 17. Bd4, and there’s still a theoretical debate over which of these lines Black should choose.

However Black has a third possibility that seems to have been overlooked entirely, leading the game in an entirely different and ultra-sharp direction. It’s all very complicated indeed, but as far as I can see Black survives in all variations. I could be wrong! Full details in the second issue.

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