The New Winawer Report, issue 3

The third issue of The New Winawer Report has been posted: see the tnwr page. This one moves on to the main line of the poisoned pawn variation.

Moskalenko's suggestionIn the main line with 10. Ne2 Nbc6 11. f4 Bd7 12. Qd3 dxc3, White’s most critical continuation is probably 13. Qxc3. This is often, even usually, met by 13. … 0-0-0. But Moskalenko suggests in his recent book The Wonderful Winawer that this is an inaccuracy that allows 14. Ng3, which he awards a ‘!’, reaching the diagram at right, and a position he evaluates as better for White. Similarly the older 13. Ng3, if met by the common 13. … 0-0-0, allows White to reach the diagrammed position with 14. Qxc3. Moskalenko therefore suggests that 13. Qxc3 should be met by 13. … Nf5, ‘!’, and 13. Ng3 by 13. … d4 ‘!’.

Is he right? Issue 3 considers the point in detail, along with the theory of the 13. Ng3 variation.

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