Irish championship players, updated

The lists of Irish championship players have been updated: see the full list in descending order of number of championships played, and the same in alphabetical order.

Compared with the lists originally posted last July, full names are given for a majority of the players. The 2017 participants have also been included.

In addition, several errors have been corrected:

  • “F. McMahon” in the 1973 championship was previously given incorrectly as “D. McMahon”, as pointed out by Martin Crichton;
  • “Addey, R. G. Dixon”, the finalist in the 1915 championship, was previously incorrectly given as “Dixon-Addey, R. G.”; there is quite a bit of confusion over his name, but it turns out that ‘Dixon’ was a first name;
  • “Hughes, M.” from the 1962 championship was previously incorrectly given as “Heegles, M.”, an error that seems to have originated in the BCM report of the event; there is no other record of any “Heegles” in Irish chess, but the U.C.D. player M. Hughes was active at the time;
  • “James, Kevin” from the 1974 championship was previously incorrectly given as “James, J.”.
  • Corrections are always welcome, so please feel free to comment.

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